Sunday, February 17, 2013


At Struck, we pitched an image refresh for the clothing store bebe awhile back. Sadly, we didn't end up getting the job, but it was fun to rethink their brand a bit. We wanted to push them in a more natural, and feminine direction. Here is just a small sampling of some packaging concepts I designed:

Spoilt Rotten

At Struck, we had the chance to work on a great Simpsons Program, based on the classy women of Springfield. We pitched the line of Products to upscale department stores. Here are some of the product ideas I helped develop:

Pattern Love

When I was working on a baby announcement for a friend, I ended up painting a bunch of flowers ... and then, I made a pattern from those flowers:

Flame It!

With Struck, I got to help out on a great interactive project, "Flame It" It was a project for Dreamworks coinciding with the release of their film, How to Train Your Dragon. The idea was to select one of the dragons from the film, and use it to set the interwebs on fire! Below are a few of the illustrations and type I created for the interactive team to use in the development. For more details on the project, check it out here

Lolli Ladies

A couple of my oldest friends started a small business, Lolli Ladies, making lollicakes. They are delicious, no joke. I helped them with their branding and some packaging concepts. Check it out below, and also, if you know what's good for you - order some Lollicakes. (my favorite is the Downtown Donny Blue.)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pattern Love

I designed these patterns for a Stationary project that sadly, fell through.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Capture a Fairy

At Struck, we are often involved in so many fun things at the Grand America Hotel, like La Bonne Vie, the Holiday Window Stroll, and Jou Jou. I got to design and Illustrate the "Capture a Fairy" packaging - There are about 15 different fairies to collect, and you can get them now at Jou Jou! 

P.S. - the talented Beth Lopez wrote all of the sweet little stories for each fairy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


With the art direction of Brent Watts, I got to design this invitation to the Grand Re-Opening of the Konditorei bakery in Sun Valley. It was a dream print job. This piece had lots of bells and whistles including hand done calligraphy, sewn paper, letter pressing and shimmering envelopes...yesssss!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have done a lot of work for Paparazzi over the last few years. I started with their branding, and have expanded that brand into everything from apparel to web design concepts. It has been fun to see a brand from start to finish, and apply it to so many mediums. Here is a small sampling of some of that work:

Pattern Love

A pattern I made forever ago for the Some Like It Hot style guide:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fanboy and Chum Chum

Struck often gets to work with Nickelodeon on tons of fun projects. This was a composition I worked on for the Style Guide.


Through Struck, I got to do some work for Cricut, a company that makes sweet crafting supplies. We got to do some really comprehensive work including branding, packaging, a photo shoot, advertising, and a style guide.  Here is a small sampling of some of that work:

Style Guide:


What's a Dia-rama?

Sometimes, When I tell people I'm a Graphic Designer, folks get confused. It makes sense, What do I know about any other profession? Not much. Folks usually end up saying something awesome to me like, "You must be so good at the Photoshop!" Sometimes I want to go on forever about how that's not really what it's all about, but I usually end up saying ... "Yes, I AM good at the Photoshop", just to avoid a long conversation about something that maybe they aren't really interested in anyway.

... But, I am gonna try and clear up one of the most elusive graphic design terms out there, the "Style Guide". Style Guides are one of the things I end up working on the most and they are one of the VERY most confusing things to explain to a non-graphic designer, so here is an attempt:

A Style Guide is essentially a bundle of art and branding elements organized into a guide, and then handed off to a client, so that they can have consistency within their brand. 

Here is a more specific example: Mattel wants to refresh their Polly Pocket Brand. They hire a graphic designer. The graphic designer starts by researching graphic, color, product, and apparel trends for girls in the 4-9 year age range. The Graphic Designer also will familiarize themselves with the Polly Pocket Brand, and the clients specific needs. Based on all of that information, art is developed. This includes typography selection, color palettes, patterning, character art, graphic compositions, and packaging layouts. A guide is then developed to show how these art elements should be used, and how they can be transformed into actual product. After Mattel approves all of this art, they then hand the guide off to a place like Target or Toys-R-Us, who then follows the guide and produces a consistant and fresh new line of products and packaging for Polly Pocket. 

There it is in a nut shell. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

i Heart Maggie

At Struck, I had the chance to work on another great Simpsons Project -  A packaging and art program focusing on Maggie geared towards tween and teen girls. I got to create the packaging concepts and work with some beautiful illustrations from the very talented Leo Espinosa at Studio Espinosa. This was a fun one:

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I have been trying to build a website for years now, and I can never quite get it together, so behold, a quick fix - This blog! I hope I can continue to post work on a somewhat regular basis - since there is so much I want to show... Wish me luck.

If there is one thing I love ....

.... It's pattern making. This one is inspired by dragon eyes, why not?

Window Displays

While working with Struck, I have had the chance to work on some really fun window displays for Jou Jou (the toy store at the Grand America Hotel). Below are some of the Characters I worked on to go in to the Grand Opening window. The talented Andrew Chase helped construct the tiny metal pieces attached to the characters. 

Valamatines day

In honor of what may be my second favorite holiday of the year .... the Valentine collection I designed from last year. I better get rollin on this years stuff soon.

Seven - Rainbow Magic

I worked on a logo and pitch book for what was to become a Hit Entertainment film called, "Seven" -  a story that centered around the adventures of 7 fairies.

Polly Pocket

I started working on this job as an intern at Axiom, so this is a real oldie. I worked on a few Polly Pocket style guides over the years - good times. 

trying to blow through these!

There have been lots of posts today! trying to get a bunch of work up. Mental note - don't let this stuff back up any more. Anyway, here is an oldie I worked on awhile back when I was still at the original Axiom Design. A branding project for Supergirl by Nastia (as in gold metalist Nastia Liukin). I worked on the logo, signage, and even helped concept what some of the apparel could be like. This is just a snippet:

Sooo many babies

It's like, baby time. So many of my friends are havin' em. Come to think of it, I need to start designing one for my own twins that will be here soon!

I designed this one for my dear friend Miche:

... and this one for my dear friend Trina:

... and this one for my dear friend Heidi:

Weddings at the Grand

With Struck, I designed this piece to promote the Wedding Experience offered by the Grand America Hotel. I loved working with great photography, and got to experiment with some fancy printing - beautiful letterpressing, sparkly papers, satin ribbons and more.

the Walt Disney Family Museum

I am a Disney lover - no shame.
So... when Axiom was asked to work on a style guide for The Walt Disney Family Museum, I cried tears of joy. I got to create art for several different  programs (Snow white, Bambi, ALICE IN WONDERLAND!) that were then used to create merchandise in the gift shop. Time of my life. I also got to pay some respects to one of my favorite ladies that ever did live, Mary Blair (this lady ruled.) This is only part of the work ... more to come!

It All Started with a Mouse Poster

Small World

Snow White

The Last Airbender

This is one of the Painted pieces of Art I worked on for The Last Airbender styleguide. I love getting to explore and work through different art styles for each project. I did a whole lot of painting for this style guide - a nice change from staring at my computer all day.